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(Rural Road RAM)

Rural Road RAM is a standardized and repeatable field observation and data management tool that can assist land owners and road managers to assess and track road condition and determine the urgency of roadway improvements to reduce the road-derived sediment loads reaching local streams.

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Rural Road RAM data entry and reporting can be grouped by areas of interest. An area can be an urban catchment, an entire jurisdiction, or a road network. Area delineation is not required to use Rural Road RAM to evaluate and track road segment conditions over time. Click to upload areas mapped in GIS.

Road class is a standardized mapping of road networks that are maintained by a Rural jurisdiction using similar presciptions (e.g., abrasive applications and pollutant recovery actions). Road class is used to spatially extrapolate discrete road segment RAM observations across all roads of corresponding class. Road class can only be uploaded within defined areas of interest. Click to upload road class mapped in GIS.

Road segments are discrete locations where RAM observations are conducted. Click to upload road segment location, ID and road class (if relevant) mapped in GIS.

Users conduct simple and standardized Rural Road RAM field observations at specific road segments to determine condition at time of observation. Condition is defined on a relative 0-5 scale. Click to enter Rural Road RAM observations.

View mapped and tabular road segment condition scores for past observation periods or graphical summaries of the variations in observed condition of specific road segments over time.

 View RAM Score Definitions

Rural Road RAM scores are the spatially integrated results of road segment scores by road class. View mapped and tabular Rural Road RAM scores for past observation periods or graphical summaries of the road condition by class or by areas of interest over time.